zucchini pronto -9
toasted almonds + pecorino

roasted beet salad –9
mixed greens, goat cheese + marcona almonds

smoked salmon bruschetta  -9
avocado, horseradish, tomato + mascarpone

toasted pistachio flatbread –10
ricotta, fontina, truffle honey + rosemary

parmesan crème brulee  -9
black pepper focaccia crisps

crispy oysters  -12
mixed vegetables, marinara + lemon aioli

chicken liver pate  -10
grilled bread + fig jam

braised pork belly  -10
caramelized pear, fennel, white bean + vin cotto pesto

basi caesar –8
a classic revisited

zuppa del giorno  -6


rigatoni salumeria -19
sweet sausage, tomato, raisins, fennel + pine nuts

eggplant parmesan -19
spaghetti pesto, crushed tomatoes + fresh mozzarella

lamb ragu gnocchi  –22
parmesan, fennel, mirepoix + crushed tomato

smoked chicken carbonara –20
conchiglie, caramelized onion, peas + rosemary parmesan crema

mustard crusted golden trout–20
green onion salsa verde, spinach + peperonata

caprese shrimp linguine  -23
cherry tomatoes, corn, basil, parmesan + garlic butter

lobster risotto –24
tomato-vodka cream, roasted pepper + parmesan

prosciutto wrapped scallops  -24
Brussels sprouts, butternut squash + maple jus

garlic butter poached cod  -23
tomato confit, roasted fingerlings, spinach + black olive

beef short rib    -24
buttermilk mash, watercress + BBQ

Gluten free pasta options available.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or shellfish
may increase your risk of food born illness.

There will be 20% Gratuity added to parties of eight or more.
Please respect our neighbors, use valet parking, thank you!