Summer at basi 2013

Last night while I was talking about white wines with a regular customer I realized that I am not doing a good job of getting the word out on some of our great selections. We have some really interesting imported white wines you may enjoy this summer.  So, today I would like to introduce you to two of my favorites.

The first is the 2010 Domaine de haut Bourg ‘Muscadet sur Lie’  from Loire Valley in France.  Muscadet is typically a dry , crisp white wine ; not to be confused with Muscat which is generally sweet.  What distinguishes this particular Muscadet is its salinity. This wine is salty, like sea spray and limes  in on you with every sip.   ‘Sur Lie” means it has been left on the lees during aging, which  gives it a bit more weight and creaminess.That combined with it’s tangy, vibrant lemon curd minerality makes it a perfect patio sipper, quite different from the usual pack. It will pair nicely with cheeses or meats; think prosciutto wrapped melon! We are selling it for $8.5/ glass or $30/bottle

Next I would like to introduce you to our 2010 Rio Maggio ‘Telusiano’ from Le Marche region of Italy. The grapes are grown along the coast of  the Adriatic Sea. Perhaps that explains the hint of salt on the nose. Yes, I know I said salt again. There seems to be a trend in the wines I am adoring this summer! Now, back to the wine. It is made of a blend of Trebbiano, Passerina & Pecorino grapes, each of which lend their best qualities to this remarkable wine. The result is a crisp wine with aromas of acacia honey & iris, flavors of white peaches & citrus that finishes with a bit of almond cream. As my rep, Ryan Williams likes to say,”this wine rocks!” It matches well with all things from the sea and is available for $9/glass or $37/bottle.