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It is unbelievable, but this week we celebrate our 8th birthday here at basi!  Many of you, who have been with us since the start, will remember when Johnny and our friend, Ron Arps,  transformed Pisa Pete’s Pizza into what is now basi.  They transformed a space with a few tables and a nautical theme into a warm, inviting little space. On the night we purchased the building our friends gathered there and the guys started knocking down walls and tearing up the floor. I remember with clarity, Ronnie saying to me ‘ Don’t worry, Trish, we will have it finished and open in two weeks. ” Apparently,  Johnny and Ron had never dealt with city permit laws and inspectors before then. Over the next several weeks we managed to have  most of our friends and family in wielding  paint brushes to make it all come together. After what I now realize was a miraculous three month turn around, we were able to open up and start feeding the people. It was just that tiny indoor space. People came.  More people came. Within 2 weeks were were full every night.  Johnny had worked in the restaurant business for year, but I had no idea what we were getting into! It has been a roller coaster ride of love, laughter and tears ever since. Our team has become our own little family. Our neighbors and you, our guests, have made that family even larger.  basi continues to be the little restaurant that could.

Each one of you who have dined with us have enriched our lives.  Let’s raise a toast as we wish basi a happy 8th birthday!