How we choose our wines

Several years ago I had the opportunity to see the William Paley Collection, a beautiful and varied collection of art purchased over the lifetime of the founder of CBS and once director of the Museum of Modern Art. His method of purchasing art was not contrived or systematic.  If he fell in love with it he bought it. He described a “sensuous, aesthetic delight” that he felt with the pieces of art he collected. So it is with wine for me.

There are some wines that offer that “sensuous, aesthetic delight” that I fall in love with and put on our menu with little thought for business.  I wish I could put them all on the menu.  But, we have limited resources, and, as  I am continually reminded, we have limited storage so I have to pick and choose.

In the end we want to try options from varied regions and styles so you can have have a synergistic food and wine experience. I hope you like the wines we have chosen at basi.  In the months to come I will try to post new wines.  Hopefully, I will describe them with some elegance and accuracy so that you can learn and get excited about these sensual delights as I have.